Welcome to Kim and Calvin's website. This site is an opportunity for us to stay in contact with our friends and family both in the US and Australia.

It's a Coltrane sort of day in Denver. A fine drizzle has been falling all day and the last night's freeze has turned the last of the leaves yellow and red. I figured it was time to tell you all what we've been up to. Calvin's been enjoying his time at StorePerform. He likes his team mates and the company culture seems to suit him well.

I'm still building Legh.org, my Denver-based Web design agency that specializes in providing Web-integrated marketing and training solutions for businesses, and keeping the local coffee shops in business. Check out the Speaking Equine link. We just released the website's new look and I'm quite happy with it. The fantastic picture at the top was taken at Big Beaver Ranch, my grandfather's old sheep ranch. It might explain why I prefer a lawn of dandelions to green grass.

I've recently added a few new items to our website. I've started putting book reviews on the On the Bookshelf page. I've also made The Playground public. I'm very excited about some of the CSS things I've been exploring and I wanted to be able to share it with those of you who are interested.


Check this out!

According to the UN and the World Health Organization, 80% of diseases in developing nations stem from consumption of and exposure to unsafe water, which kills more than 25,000 people each day. Trevor Field, a retired advertising executive designed the PlayPump, a merry-go-round that pumps clean, safe water while children play.

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